Live your best new grad nurse life. 

Confident Nurse Academy is a guided virtual nurse residency program for the new grad RN/LPN who wants to thrive - not just survive -  new grad nurse life. With expert nurse educators,  you'll get the knowledge you need as you start your nursing career.


Avoid common new grad mistakes 

Get the knowledge you need

Feel confident by developing competence

Nursing school prepared you to pass NCLEX, but...

  • You feel underprepared for the real world of nursing
  • Your clinicals were limited (or nonexistent) during COVID
  • Your preceptor graduated six months before you did
  • You don't have a nurse mentor and you don't know where (or how) to find one
  • You have questions, but don't feel comfortable asking them at work
  • You care deeply about taking good care of your patients, but you genuinely don't know how

You shouldn't have to feel like you're precepting yourself.

On-demand Lessons

Being the "real nurse" means more than being caring. It also means being competent and safe. With so much getting thrown at you from day one (including a million different door codes), it should be easy to access the priority things you need to know. From your first day in the Academy, you'll have a library of more than 70 lessons you can start applying to your practice immediately.

A Supportive Community

Nursing is a team sport. If you want to be successful in your career, avoid burnout, and find meaning in your life and work, the way to do that is through joining a community of like-minded people. Your new best friend may just be a click away inside our exclusive CNA Community. Ask questions, get answers, and make new friends!


We get it. Being a new grad nurse is hard. 

We were new grads once, too. So, we know how it feels to be thrown into the deep end of new nurse life. Feeling like you're drowning, being fearful of making a mistake, and struggling with the weight of the enormous responsibility you now hold is a LOT. 

These days, it's even harder. Orientations are shorter and many new grads lack solid clinical experience.  But this doesn't mean you can't be an amazing nurse!  

Confident Nurse Academy takes you by the hand and guides you through those crucial first months. We've got your back with up-to-date clinical content, downloadable resource sheets, and a supportive community of new grads who also want to live their best new grad life. 

We love nurses, especially new nurses! And we don't think you should have to figure out new grad life on your own. Join Confident Nurse Academy and get the support you deserve!


Real world support for real world nursing.

We make a nurse residency program accessible to new grads everywhere.

If you love evidence based practice as much as we do (#NerdAlert), then you'll love this. Studies show that nurses who take part in a residency program have more success and longevity than those who are left to navigate new grad life on their own. 

The reason for this is simple. Being a new grad is tough and the transition into practice can be one of the most stressful times in a nurse's life. And with shortened orientations and a lack of experienced preceptors, the transition is more challenging today than it ever has been.


12-Months Access


One Payment or Afterpay

  • A library of 74 on-demand¬†lessons covering clinical content and key skills for new grad nurse life
  • Downloadable resource sheets
  • Access to the ūü¶č¬†CNA Community where you can ask questions, get support, and make new friends!

Convert book knowledge to bedside practice

At this stage in your career, your book knowledge is at an all time high. Learn how to convert what you know into real world nursing knowledge through video-based lessons and live coaching. Learn time management, critical thinking, priority assessments, and more so you can shine at the bedside.

Learn how to stay calm when things go sideways

If it hasn’t happened yet - it will. And it doesn't mean you're a bad nurse. In nursing, anything can (and does) happen! Learn how to stay calm amid the chaos of a shift gone sideways by learning how to prioritize like a pro, delegate like a boss, and breathe like a yogi. 

Be confident calling a rapid (or even just the doc)

The majority of rapid response calls are due to respiratory distress or hypotension. See? You've learned something already! Learn how to develop your nursing intuition early on so that you can catch changes in condition and pick up the phone with confidence.


Here's how it works...

Step 1: Join Confident Nurse Academy

From day one in CNA you will have access to foundation lessons that will help you deliver better patient care, starting with your next shift. We make it easy to learn what you weren’t taught in school with our clinical lecture series covering a wide range of topics.

Step 2: Get a clear roadmap for new grad success

Navigating new grad life doesn’t have to feel like you’re coding a patient in an elevator…alone. We’ve created a residency program that provides a solid clinical knowledge base to help you be the nurse you’ve always wanted to be. 

Step 3: Live your best new grad life

Being a new grad nurse is challenging, but it shouldn't have to feel like you're precepting yourself. With guidance and support, you'll avoid common new grad mistakes, build your clinical judgment, learn strategies to avoid burnout, make new friends, and feel more confident in your role. 


Being a new grad is overwhelming…especially if you don’t have support.

Inside Confident Nurse Academy, we believe it’s just plain wrong that there aren’t enough experienced preceptors to go around. So we created a solution that is accessible for new grads everywhere with a guided residency program. Just think, it’s like having a preceptor in your pocket! 

Being a nurse is hard work, but being a new grad doesn’t have to be this hard. Join the Academy to get the support you need and deserve so that you can live your best new grad nurse life, starting with your very next shift. 

We cannot wait to support you, new grad! 

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